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12v Lithium Batteries Australia, The Best Solution for Grid Power Failure

A power-saving 12v lithium battery australia is essential to avoid uncertainty and grid power failure. A 12V 100A lithium battery ensures you have a backup of your home appliances. Most household appliances are 12v electrical systems, which is why 12v battery banks are in high demand. So, any equipment you have at home will always be used even when grid power is unavailable.

Battery Power For Peak Hours

Australians spend a lot of time at home after work, which increases the demand for energy in the afternoons and evenings. Grid electricity is expensive during peak hours, a significant cause of increased electricity bills. The best solution is to reduce your electricity bills to save time at a lower cost and use them at higher times. A 100ah lithium battery helps save grid power to power at a specific watt load.


A 100AH ‚Äč‚ÄčLithium-Ion battery can save about three and a half hours at a load of 300 watts. The calculation is simple, find the current value in ampere by dividing the load by the battery voltage, i.e. 300/12 provides 25ampere current requirements to be taken from the battery. Now divide the ampere battery hours by ampere, i.e. 100/4 provides four hours. If the output depth is 90%, you will get 3.6 hours of storage time.

Durable 12 Volt Lithium Battery

Lithium batteries dominate the energy solution at the global level. Mobile power supplies to laptops provide a backup power source for an inverter. Lithium batteries have become a significant source of everyday life, from car power supply to power backup.

Lithium batteries are very reliable with fast-moving technologies while conserving energy and portability. A 12-volt lithium battery is used for a variety of applications. These lithium batteries are commonly used to power home devices and provide backup power with an inverter. The deep cycle lithium batteries have replaced traditional lead-acid batteries over the years. They are commonly used for indoor use and outdoor use such as camping, off-grid, boating, caravan, and from backup to normal usage.

Why Purchase Lithium Batteries?

The deep-cycle lithium battery has been in production for years. However, technology has advanced over the years and can be accessed by the average person in terms of prices and availability. The following are some reasons why you should consider buying lithium batteries.


Traditional lead-acid batteries need to carefully monitor acid levels, to ensure that the acid level is right. On the other hand, lithium batteries do not require the maintenance of acid levels. So, they don’t have any problems.

Fast Charging

Lithium batteries tend to charge faster compared to lead-acid batteries. A lithium battery can be used without the need of constant charging after each use. They do not have the same memory function as lead-acid batteries, as they often lose their charging power when used at a medium cost.


Security is everyone’s first concern, whether commercial or private. Lithium batteries are much safer to use as their cells are built to withstand extreme conditions, prevent sudden fires, or burst into flames. 12v lithium battery has no flammable fuel; hence, they are much safer.

Reduce Carbon Emission

Carbon emissions are a growing natural disaster. From now on, lithium batteries will help reduce carbon emissions by enabling lighter tools in cars.

The Most Reliable Battery Manufacturer Of 12v Lithium Batteries Australia

Deep Cycle Systems, Australia’s leading manufacturer of 12v lithium batteries australia, is a highly recommended brand for buying lithium batteries from it. They make their batteries with modern technology. Lithium batteries in Deep Cycle Systems are more stable in charge and charge than other models. It may be fully charged without damaging the battery, preserving its extended life. They also sell a 51.2V LiFePO4 Battery Charger at a reasonable price.

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