My name is Anthony Richichi, founder and chief executive officer at ChronicleMe, a revolutionary social media company. To better understand the concept, it is easiest to go to its origins:

After receiving troubling family news in my dorm room, I did as millions of people do: search social media for support. I wanted to tell friends and family of my struggle, but was not willing to expose myself to the viral nature of the internet. I imagined deans, parents, future employers, cyberbullies, and college admission offices reading my chronicle with unnecessary scrutiny. From here, I began to realize that my profile was simply a superficial showcase of my individualism. We, as social media users, seldom express authenticity and vulnerability because we fear the repercussions. We post what others want to see. We are told who to be and when to be. We have lost control of our own expression.

That ends now.

I personally invite you to join ChronicleMe today at Remember to follow me when you get there! I will follow you back.

Thank you,
Anthony Richichi