National Self Injury Awareness Day is pleased to partner with S.A.F.E Alternatives, the world-renowned treatment program which has helped thousands of people successfully end self-injurious behavior.

March 1st is National Self Injury Awareness Day. From February 24th to March 3rd, ChronicleMe will donate one dollar to S.A.F.E. for each new user that signs up. Please help us by inviting your friends to through text, email, and/or social media. Campaign details are available on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

On behalf of ChronicleMe and S.A.F.E. Alternatives, thank you for your potentially life-saving generosity.

S.A.F.E Alternatives

7 thoughts on “National Self Injury Awareness Day

  1. What an awesome site!

    When I was young, my grandmother who raised me subscribed to a newsmagazine titled “GRIT.” It was full of positive stories and pictures from throughout the world. I waited patiently every Thursday for the mail carrier to bring it. Sadly, they went bankrupt in 1983 or so.

  2. An excellent site our friend & thanks to you for following our blog. Seems to us this site could supply some important information for many people who could use it. We will be sharing this straightway, & look forward to stopping by more often & reading more of your posts!! Have a blessed night! 😉

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog and following! I welcome your comments when you visit. 😉
    You have an awesome site and I am pleased to know there is an organization such as yours that is available to help people stop injuring themselves. Self-injurious behavior is so frightening and such a tragedy. Blessings, Robyn

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