Authenticity and Vulnerability

ImageEach day, secrets are greeted by the community with positive feedback. These posts come in different sizes, attitudes, and viewpoints. The freedom of anonymity allows for people to post what they really feel without fear of judgment, resulting in utter authenticity and vulnerability.

2 thoughts on “Authenticity and Vulnerability

  1. We never know why God chooses some to heal and some to call closer to him.
    God did heal; but do not feel guilty for not praying — God gives us mercy after mercy, grace upon grace.
    Simply start praying again. A simple prayer every morning before you get out of bed, thanking him for her life, for your life, for the day ahead. Soon it will be a habit, and then who knows?
    God is good, all the time; we just get glimpses of it here and there. You got a glimpse — praise him for it.
    “We never know joy until we stop complaining about the troubles we have, and give thanks for the troubles we don’t have.” –Anonymous

  2. God never wants us to feel guilty, especially about praying. He has answered a prayer and that is a lovely thing. He also knows your heart. Be thankful for her life, and the clarity He gave you to see that He had a hand in her healing. He loves you, and still wants you to walk with Him if you choose to do so. He is holding out His hand to you even now.

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