Guest Blog Post- Maria

My name is Maria Camelo and I am a on mission to spread gratitude, kindness and compassion wherever I go. Until a year ago I was a lost soul, depressed, clueless, ungrateful, and constantly negative. I am grateful to say that is NOT the person I am anymore! The power of gratitude, positive thinking,  and rediscovering my faith has changed my life in less than a year. I started my blog to share my stories with anyone else who might be going through something I’ve been through, and inspire others to not give up no matter how hard life seems to be. I write a lot about my childhood expierences and how they affect me now or how they shaped me to think / act the way I do now. I try to inspire others to be the best they can be, and to follow their own path, and create their own molds. I believe everyone has a purpose and has been put here for a reason. I struggled with figuring out what my purpose was most of my life, but after opening my heart and soul, I am getting a much better idea of my purpose. It took me awhile to realize everything I went through my entire life was to prepare me for my adult life, all the dark paths I took and the lessons I learned, were to be able to help others going through the same thing. I grew up in a small town, in a catholic school with a gay parent, that was not easy! I was bullied and picked on most of my youth. I am a survivor of sexual assult, took me awhile to be able to say that, I have yet to write about it. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. If I can inspire one person to live a happier, more grateful life I will feel like I’ve done my “job”. I am beyond blessed and grateful for my life turn around and can’t wait to see what I bring to the future!


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