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Welcome to ChronicleMe’s Blog!

ChronicleMe (CMe) is a social network that  allows users to share their innermost thoughts, secrets, and confessions with complete anonymity in a safe, judgment free environment. Users select when and to whom they are anonymous thus creating a safer, more meaningful way to communicate online. The results of our positive community are absolutely gorgeous. Join today for free at www.chronicleme.com and enjoy the “Freedom of Anonymity!”


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  1. Thanks for following Ace Food News and followed back. Will revisit and repost/PressThis with any posts on the appropriate site. With links back to together with attribution.

    Ian Editor in Chief (Ace News Group)

  2. Thank you for following my blog! I would be happy to serve as a guest blogger for you if you would find that helpful and I would also invite an entry to be posted on my blog. Namaste!

  3. Thank you for visiting. Your blog is filled with beautiful and inspiring writers. You’re quite thoughtful to introduce such a forum for folks to come together and voice those things that motivate and help to offer insight into the travails of others struggles. No painful struggle is really beautiful until it is shared and divided by the love and connection of the human spirit of others. By realizing we all struggle, there comes the realization that we are never alone. Someone leads us into the light, brings us our forgotten hope and reminds us that we are never abandoned. Beautiful and gracious wishes to all that enter here.

  4. Thank you for following my blog! I was initially using my blog as a platoform to engage with my students. I am amazed by how much is out there. Mindfulness and meditation are being studied as strategies for dealing with eating disorders. A great portion of our work is meeting ourselves where we are. I look forward to getting more information from your blog–I am always open to collaboration. My background is exercise physiology!

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