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Lithium Marine Batteries for Extended Power Backup in Boats

If you are installing a battery in your RV or Marine, you need to be sure what type of app you are installing. It is important to use the right type of battery for the right purpose. If you are looking for lithium marine batteries to power the RV or Marine equipment, you have come to the right place.

Marine Battery Cell

Sailors, mariners, shipowners, and boat owners are all important factors in the transport of goods around the world. Maritime vessels rely heavily on electricity, and deep circuit battery units play an important role in meeting the energy demand. Gone are the days when marine engineers had the opportunity to use generator power. PV solar panels and marine transport batteries have reduced the energy problem.

Deep cycle batteries are ideal because a solid construction design can withstand the vibrations and vibrations that are part of the journey. The good news is that this Lithium-Ion Marine battery is lightweight and comes with modern features. As a sailor, you should get the best and most reliable battery solution as you will not be able to go to a supplier while on the go, such as in cars.

Types of Marine Batteries

There are 3 types of marine batteries:

  • Start-up batteries are known for providing high start-up power for a short period of time to start the engine. The alternator often recharges these starting batteries.
  • Marine Deep Cycle batteries are battery packs that backup some loading power. These batteries are designed to gradually release energy stored to provide longer storage times. These battery cells provide thousands of charge and discharge cycles. We recommend using a lithium-ion battery pack to enable motor trolling and other electrical equipment on board, i.e., windlass, depth finder, marine sound system, light, fish area, etc.
  • Two-purpose marine batteries They can perform the functions of both the first-generation batteries and the marine cycle batteries. Marine boats are often crowded, and it is difficult to find a place to install a tool or two batteries for extra backup power. Using a single LiFePo4 battery is ideal as these are known for their high power and lightweight.

Who Is the Best Marine Battery Manufacturer in Australia?

Deep Cycle Systems has been in the business for years and has gained a lot of experience in the industry. Customer performance and customer satisfaction, as well as value for money, are their top priorities, and they never compromise on them. The lithium marine battery they provide has many features such as;

  • It will not leak, which means zero accidents.
  • It can withstand cold temperatures, making it ideal for Australian conditions.
  • It has a very low level of release which makes it usable for long periods of time.
  • It has a very low internal resistance, which ensures a small amount of heat while charging.

So, call them today at 1300-795-327 or email for the best deep cycle batteries at the best prices.

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